Base of every application is her easy and intuitive controlling, put in even more atractive design. And that is exactly the type of application we are creating in our studio.

We create unique design for each application, so that they can be easily usable for technological beginners, but are technologically attractive for even the most demanding users.

All you need to do is to write us, what type of applications interests you and everything else, you can just leave to us.

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give your employees a business app

Your employees can easily and quickly see all the benefits of working in your business. Whether it is offered discount vouchers, work bonuses and rewards or corporate benefits.

Show job vacancies in the app for candidates who want to work with you. This gives them all the necessary information about the position and can contact you directly via the app if they are interested.

Make it easy for your employees to report workplace hazards, or give them the option to report a more practical way of manufacturing. This will provide a safer working environment for your employees.

Your employees will be able to view the lunch menu for the whole week directly via their mobile phone.

Your employees will be able to make an appointment, plan a company event or get to know each other better. Among other things, it will also facilitate and speed up corporate communication and help to achieve better work results.

In addition to these advantages, the company application also offers many other custom made benefits for your company such as. company photo album, possibility to report Sick Days, list of TOP employees or calendar of company events.

Have another idea you’d like to include in your app? Just write us and we will create a tailor-made solution for you.